Training and communications

We guide the communication and training processes from a popular feminist approach, understood from the construction of a community feeling that allows us to interpret the context from research, generating greater guarantees in the execution of our projects. We promote participatory scenarios with a gender perspective where communication is based as a tool for social change, legitimizing the political actions of women in the territory.


The historical memory that we build from the feelings and gaze of women contributes in a decisive way to the processes of symbolic reparation and territorial peace from the pedagogical and political practice aimed at the transformation of imaginaries and exclusionary practices against women. For this reason, we consider the meeting at the Casa Museo de las Mujeres as a reflective, restorative and safe space to be fundamental.


The Popular Women’s Organization has been working on communication from the perspective of communication for social change, since it allows us to understand the relevance of the processes built from the community, not as vertical processes that sometimes start from external perceptions and leave the last look at the subject.

Political Training School of the OFP

Our commitment revolves around the implementation of training strategies that allow us to strengthen the empowerment and leadership of women in the region. We enable interaction scenarios where women are protagonists of the processes, which are based on popular education, managing to build and consolidate collective knowledge aimed at social transformations and the defense of women’s human rights.